Dear A.i Treasure, 

We hope you and your loved ones are safe and doing well. We are thankful for your continuous love and support throughout these years. As a brand owned by a Nigerian, strongly inspired by ethnic cultures and elements, we lend our voice to the #EndPoliceBrutality movement currently taking place in Nigeria. 

These past few days has been emotional and challenging for the Nigerian community, lives and properties have been lost.

Our Flagship store currently located in Lagos Nigeria, has been on a lockdown and all Staff members are safe and currently home. 

When we opened our second flagship store in Nigeria, it was a conscious decision to capture the essence of everything the founder was inspired by and also promote & contribute to the growth of the founders home country Nigeria. Looking through our journey, and the events that has unfolded in the past week, it is clear that growth is will always take it's cause. 

The docuseries 'Journey of an African Colony currently airing on Netflix has made us  more aware and inspired of growth portrayed by the African people. 

It is the tenacity for growth that has birthed the current protests we are witnessing on the streets of Nigeria. We highly recommend Journey of an African colony as a must watch this weekend. 

As a brand, we will keep lending our voice to the injustice of police brutality in Nigeria, and we implore you to also lend your voice to the cause. We are hopeful that this moment is a lasting catalyst for a better Nigeria. 

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