Poet and Author, Arielle Estoria takes over Treasure Sounds

Step into the world of poetry and empowerment with our latest featured artist in the Treasure Sounds: Arielle Estoria. Hailing from the misty landscapes of Northern California and now a resident of vibrant Los Angeles, Arielle is more than just a poet; she is a beacon of inspiration, a storyteller, and an advocate for self-expression.

Arielle's journey as a Poet, Author, and Actor is imbued with a profound sense of purpose – to touch hearts, stir emotions, and ignite a sense of belonging within her audience. Her mantra, "Words not for the ears but for the soul," encapsulates her belief that poetry is not merely a medium of communication but a transformative experience that resonates deep within the core of our being.
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Arielle is wearing the Skalo Scarf and Odi Earrings in green.  
Your name and the work you do? 
ARIELLE ESTORIA, I'm a Poet, Author and Actor. My work however surpasses what I do, the work I do is soul work, heart work, writing words and creating pieces of art that inspire and bring people back to the worthiness that's always been there.

What do you spend most of your Sunday doing?
I love a restful sunday because weekends sometimes can be so crazy, I will always try and reserve a sunday for slow mornings (or afternoons) yummy brunch and just being easeful.

What inspired your most recent work? 
My most recent work I guess in this case is either my book THE UNFOLDING, which is a collection of poetry and essays about all the ways we evolve and expand spiritually and emotionally. Life of course inspires most things I create, life experience and the desire to articulate something for people to remind them they’re not alone and create a permission slip for becoming if you will.
Tell us about something in your life you’re most proud of?
To be completely candid, I am proud of so much right now. I am proud of the love I get to foster, nourish and be poured into every day with my partner. I am proud of the work i get to create and hope and pray that it surpasses me. I am proud of my book and the honesty and vulnerability I poured into it. I am proud of the creativity I get to tap in even while breathing.

What would you tell your 18 year old self?
I would tell her, she’s not crazy or in over her head. It does all come true.

What's your favorite poem or piece of work you've written? 
Right now one of my favorite pieces is my poem “A prayer for the church girl”, it’s the poem that continues to heal me even when I am a few years past the process of having written it. The video was also submitted for my first film festival and watching it on the big screen was pretty incredible.

How do you find a sense of calm in the midst of chaos?
First and foremost, unplugging. Getting off my phone and into my breath and my body. And then I go to the beach.

If you could be anything else in life what would you be?
A bird, I really just want to see it all.

What’s something the world could care a little more about?
A lot. Each other for starters.

What’s Your ideal Friday Night ritual?
I love a friday night out (depending on how i’m feeling) give me a happy hour, a good desert and then back home for some movies or catching up on shows!

If you had 10 minutes to pack to your dream Destination, where are you going and what are you packing? 
Okay rushed moment well we have to pack the hitters then.
A good set that can give you a few options with just one look:
THIS SWIMSUIT IS everything and could easily pair as a bodysuit so this is for sure coming with me:
We love a flowy effortless moment:
Gotta have a good straw bag for a dream vacation moment!

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