Sunset Playlist Cover Art of Yagazie Emezi
Music is a big part of who we are. It is the rhythm of our hearts at distinct moments in time that can only be captured with a unique combination of sound and words and sometimes, just sound. Music has always given a deeper dimension to our world here at Andrea Iyamah and we knew this wasn’t unique to just us. So we sought to immerse ourselves into the musical world of some of some spectacular people, by introducing the ANDREA IYAMAH TREASURE SOUNDS.
These women are confident, beautiful, bold and creative to say the least. We’d love to celebrate them in the new column of the Andrea Iyamah monthly Treasure Magazine called ‘ ANDREA IYAMAH Treasure Sounds’ where we discover the music that inspires, energises or calms special women around the world.
 Image of photojournalist Yagazie Emezi
Our first playlist is titled ‘Sunset’ and has been curated by renowned photographer, Yagazie Emezie. Yagazie is a Nigerian born visual artist and photojournalist who has travelled the globe capturing stunning imagery have graced the cover of The New York Times that focus on African women, their health, sexuality, education and human rights. She covers stories on identity, culture, migration and climate change. A National Geographic Explorer and Canon ambassador, Yagazie is most certainly the adventurer in Spirit whose playlist certainly has the essence of one who has experienced diverse cultures. 
Image of Yagazie Emezi in CostaRica cc: instagram
Our interviewer, Zion Osayande, asked Yagazie a few questions that could reveal a little more about the woman behind the playlist:
It's called 'Sunset' mainly because it's the time of music I prefer to listen to during sunset. - Yagazie
    -What is your name and what work do you do?
    I am Yagazie Emezi and I am a visual artist and photojournalist.

    - What do you spend most of your Sunday doing?
    I spend most of my Sundays tidying up my flat and doing a bit of gardening. I also like to get a bit of work done - making sure I'm caught up with pending emails and anything I may have overlooked. I love being able to ease into my Mondays without worrying as much over what needs to be done.

    - Baecation to Maldives or Girls trip to Mexico?
    Baecation to Maldives, seems a lot more quiet and relaxed.

    - How do you find a sense of calm in the midst of chaos?
    Breath work, when I remember to. My work can be occasionally stressful and dangerous so it's important to keep calm in certain situations. Making sure I'm breathing properly literally helps keep a clear head ... also quite useful in social spaces.

    - What would you tell your 18 year old self?
    I would give her a heads up about our passion for the visual arts. Maybe focus our studies on that instead. Then again, everything does happen for a reason and even if I went down a certain path, in the future, I'd still have ideas of what I would have done differently.
    Enjoy… 'SUNSET'
    Treasure Sounds Playlist Vol 1 | Sunset by Yagazie Emezi 

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