Celebrating African Architecture & Design

Traveling to different cities is always such an adventure! Exploring food, music, meeting new people and most the most exciting is the architecture! African cities are rich in culture and history and the best way to understand them is by exploring the historic buildings and based out of Nairobi The Cave Bureau preserves historical buildings by researching how nature and urbanization can coexist. They use anthropology and geology in order to achieve this which makes The Cave Bureaus remarkable work a must see on our bucket list!

The Cave Bureau's attention to detail and awareness of its cultural surroundings, while preserving history, is what we believe is the future of African architecture. By using natural resources native to the structures surroundings, they are able to create modern spaces that reflect the rich history that it is inspired by. 


One of our favourite spaces is KOFISI a coworking space with locations all over Africa that took to The Cave Bureau to design one of their Nairobi Locations. We believe that the environment that you surround yourself with while you work should inspire you and help you expand your mind and most importantly dream. This particular space is called 'The Knowledge' room. A room wrapped in leafy wallpaper with three delicately placed traditional masks adding heritage to an otherwise contemporary environment creating a sense of escapism in a traditionally corporate environment. 

The Bureau studies and explores caves within and around Nairobi through drawing, storytelling, construction and the curation of performative events!

We love the consistent effort that the Cave Bureau has made in creating a juxtaposition between the old and the new. As we celebrate Black History month we celebrate them!


Credit: The Cave Bureau


For more information on this incredible team and their internationally renowned work please visit: https://www.cave.co.ke/origin




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