The Art of Journaling

It is the early days of the new year...the year 2022...welcome. Welcome to a time that has become a customary time of reflection; to make vows, break old habits that didn't serve us well. Many say, the end of a matter is better than the beginning, but the beginning is no less important as without it, well there's no reference to an end. We believe that with every decision or plan, a helper is necessary and although we love Siri and Alexa, we want to go old school with it this time and recommend one of our favourite assistants...the Journal.

At first, Journaling can seem intimidating. We are conditioned to think that journaling meant writing copious numbers of pages on a well thought out topic. This is not the case. Journaling has nothing to do with how you do it but most importantly why you are doing it. Whether it's morning, evening or even during your commute, it's the perfect way to have quiet time with your thoughts, distinguish between the insightful and the harmful and prepare the future. 

Remember your Journal is for you. Be your most authentic and curious self. 

 Tips on Journaling

  • Start small
  • Use it to track something
  • Express goals, dreams or desires
  • Write down something insightful someone said
  • It doesn't have to be only text
  • Have fun

Like everything we do at Andrea Iyamah, we’ve designed this journal for you to explore your adventurous mind, dreams, destinations and aspirations! To truly see yourself as special and celebrate a journey of self discovery and exploring the treasure in you. Treat yourself to the Andrea Iyamah “I Am Treasure” Journal this new year and experience the therapeutic power of reflecting your heart in writing!

Happy New Year!

With love from Andrea Iyamah

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