Continuing our journey around inspiration and creativity within music, TREASURE SOUNDS VOL II features a beautiful soul inside and out. Lagos-based singer, songwriter and artist, Tomi Owó brings a playlist to life, filled with a truly palpable sense of calm... with a dash of energy. 

Much like her vocals, these mellow sounds combined with R&B, urban soul and perfectly coordinated instrumentals, transmit a sense of positivity and fierceness. Ever since her debut Pieces, released in 2015, Tomi is a relentless creative, constantly motivated by the need of self-expression. Her music acts as a vessel for ideas and is a source of inspiration for change.

Continue reading the interview by Zion Osayande. 
What's your name and the work you do? 

I’m Tomi Owó, and I’m a singer, songwriter and performing artist. 

 How do you spend your Sundays?
Sundays are perfect for songwriting. However, in general, I meditate in the morning, and by noon, I either read my book of the moment or take a nap. Sunday evenings are quiet, so I love to stay home to plan for the new week.

 Tell us about something in your life you’re most proud of?
Being able to do what I love

 What would you tell your 18 year old self?
You are one of one! There’s no one quite like you, and you’re doing just fine. 

 Baecation to Maldives or Girls trip to Mexico?
Girls trip to Mexico!

 How do you find a sense of calm in the midst of chaos?
I listen to good music, center my mind and protect my mental space. I also work through any negative feelings, either by meditating or speaking to someone I trust.

 What’s something the world could care a little more about?

 What’s Your ideal Friday Night ritual?
When I’m not working, I’m at home, indulging in something sugary or spicy, or catching up on any movie series I’m loving. 

Enjoy... 'UNWIND'
Treasure Sounds Playlist Vol 2 | Unwind by Tomi Owó

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