Guide to Packing

Some people regard packing as an art. Others throw a bunch of clothes and a toothbrush in their suitcase and consider the job done. No matter your packing method, there are useful tips we all could benefit from. We share some of them below!




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1. Plan Ahead


We end up overpacking when we overestimate the amount of clothes we will need on a trip. To avoid this, plan what you're going to wear each day of your vacation. Pair each outfit with shoes and jewelry to ensure that you don't leave anything behind.


2. Past Experience

Do you always pack five pairs of jeans but usually end up only wearing one? Then only pack one pair next time you travel. Use your past experience of items you actually used or clothes you wore to determine what you pack the next time around.


3. Sharing is Caring

Going on a trip with your girlfriends? Find out what they’re bringing so you don’t pack it as well. For example, all seven of you don't need a blow dryer.


4. No Dirty Shoes Please

Place all your shoes in plastic bags before you put them in your suitcase. You don’t want them rubbing off dirt on your clothes.


5. Don't Break It

Fragile items should be placed in the middle of your suitcase. Close to the bottom but not too far from the top. You can wrap the item in bubble wrap or a bunch of t-shirts will do the trick too. 


6.No Spills

Never ever place a bottle of lotion or shower gel in your suitcase without packing it properly. There is nothing worse than getting to your hotel room and discovering that your coconut scented shower gel spilled all over your clothes. Here's a tip. Remove the cover of the lotion, place a plastic wrap on the opening of the bottle and then screw the cover back on over it. For double measure, place the bottle in a zip lock afterwards.


7. Roll It

 Rolling your clothes as tightly as possible not only saves you space but it also prevents wrinkles if done correctly.


We hope these tips help you to efficiently pack for your next vacation!


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Tell us, what are some of your packing tips?

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