Braid your hair!
Andrea Iyamah is proudly African so hair braiding is right up our alley. This form of hair styling is not just a cultural statement but a way of expression, a bonding session as well as a fashion accessory.
From box braids to locs to threading, crotchet and much more. Different styles of braids tell a different story to complement your look. They can take anywhere from a few minutes to days depending on the style you go for. It has also been a means to bond between two people, mother and child, sisters, friends and strangers who have become family because you trust them with your crown.  
Given the circumstances we are facing today with social distancing, braiding can be done on your own while you catch up on your favourite shows or with two people so you're safe. So now that we have some time on our hands, we would like you to indulge. Choose your colour, style and length and go for it.
'Till the next tip. Stay well.
Team A.I

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