How has the isolation been treating you? We hope well. Because the majority of the public will be spending more time on their computers, we thought to come in here and give you some ideas on how we are #CopingWithCOVID. For the recommended 14 days of isolation, here are 14 ideas and recommendations we will be indulging in and we thought to share.
Isolation can be a quite the adjustment especially because we tend to loose track of which day of the week it is. Juggling work, family and life all from one location can be life altering if this was not your status quo. We suggest you move those joints and help the mind release some of that tension. If you are lucky to have very open parks around you that you can practice social distancing with, we say get out and get some air.
Otherwise, a nice mat will do just fine in your bedroom or living room. A lot of studios are getting creative on social media and hosting live sessions. Yoga, pilates and HIIT are a few at home suggestions you can try. Let us know how you’re #CopingWithCOVID.

'Till the next tip. Stay well.
Team A.I

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