Treasure Destinations: Discover Lamu Through the Eyes of Andrea Iyamah

Introducing Treasure Journals, a selection of special memories featuring remarkable destinations and unforgettable experiences from the inspiring women of Andrea Iyamah's loyalty club, #CLUBTREASURE.


In this edition, we embark on a journey to the enchanting island of Lamu, as told by our very own creative director, Andrea. Continue reading as we delve into the hidden treasures and captivating moments she discovered during her stay in Lamu. Continue reading for the full interview.  

Tell us about 3 things that are always in your travel bag?

When it comes to traveling, I know exactly the essentials I needs to bring along. My travel bag is always filled with three must-have items that ensure comfort, style, and the ability to capture precious memories.

Firstly, a book or my Treasure Journal is a must. The tranquility of being airborne allows me to immerse myself in literature or jot down some thoughts, creating a space of solace amidst my usual busy schedule. 

My Eros Escape Bag - it's always a show stopper going through the airport! its stylish and spacious, it not only complements my travel look but also fits all the gifts I purchases for loved ones at duty-free.


Lastly, I usually like to pick bikinis and colours that are inspired by the destination I'm heading to. Lamu has always had some sense of romance for me so I packed a hot pink Rai Bikini to fit the romantic essence of the island. I particularly love this bikini because its a twist of the classic triangle bikini, with more playfulness, it's very comfortable, feminine and fit for the occasion.


Things That Can't Be Missed in Lamu?

1.  A Cruise on The Dhow at Sunset: Sailing across calm waves while enjoying the warm breeze and a glass of red wine created a perfect moment of relaxation and serenity.

2. Exploring the Local Market: To immerse in Lamu's culture and people. The architecture and the use of corals in the building walls was fascinating and the charming streets filled with donkeys instead of cars added to the unique charm of the village. I even discovered a dedicated donkey hospital, showcasing the island's care and compassion.

Favourite thing you got to see? 

The Village Photo Gallery. I visited the local art gallery which featured portraits of beautiful women from Lamu. One particular photograph mesmerized me, it capturing the warmth and sincerity expressed by the woman. It was a truly memorable experience.

Best place to stay in Lamu?
I highly recommend the Majlis Hotel. The interior design of this incredible hotel was breathtaking. Every corner was thoughtfully adorned with organic textures, antique furniture, and delightful tones and colors. It offers a truly enchanting and luxurious experience.

One thing you appreciated about the locals? 
The warmth and hospitality of the locals left a lasting impression on me. They welcomed us with open arms, inviting us into their stores and graciously sharing their culture. There were lots of children playing on the streets, their adorable shyness reflected how excited they were about meeting visitors.

What did you indulge in, something for those with a sweet tooth?
I'm not much of a sweet tooth, but definitely enjoyed the daily servings of fresh fruits during my stay. I did end my trip with a delicious bowl of pasta. Im obsessed with pasta, so I love to try it everywhere I go to. It gives me a sense of welcome if I can have a nice bowl of my favourite meal in a city I'm new to.

From breathtaking sunsets on a dhow cruise to exploring the local market and encountering the locals, Lamu hosted Andrea with such grace, we look forward to a second visit! 

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