"Emergency Playlist for the Days I Don’t Want to Wheel-Throw But I Need To" by Tamara Solem. Treasure Sounds Vol IX

Every collection has a story to tell, and every muse becomes the embodiment of that tale. As we step into the enchanting realm of The Genesis of Woman, we are thrilled to introduce you to the captivating muse behind it all - Tamara "Solem" Al Issa. A self taught ceramist and potter, based in Toronto she explores the relation between clay, the wheel and her creativity to create incredible pieces that represent her.  

Guided by nostalgia and tradition, Tamara's journey as a ceramist has been one of profound significance, working with different shapes and textures. Her roots, deeply intertwined by her Syrian and Filipino cultures, are just a part of the foundation for her creations. It's her evolving creativity and the emphasis on the process that she weaves into each ceramic piece. Her art mirrors the very concept from which The Genesis of Woman was born: her hands mold the clay with strength and fluidity, two of the pillars of the female essence. 

From striking tones to intricate textures, every piece she creates encapsulates the beauty of form translated into modernity, just like the every piece in the latest collection is made to enhance the female form. 

As a tribute to Tamara's multifaceted journey, we invite you to experience her world through her playlist curated specially for Andrea Iyamah. A blend of energizing, upbeat melodies, meant to awaken the senses when truly needed.  
Continue reading to discover the full interview. 

Your name and the work you do?
My name is Tamara but you probably know me as Solem. Either works! I’m a full time sculptor/potter. I enjoy mastering ancient forms and techniques for building and currently am fascinated by vibrant block colours.

What do you spend most of your Sunday doing?
Every day is a Sunday when you’re a freelance! I usually hand-build at my work table and since clay needs a lot of time to dry, I bounce around my neighbourhood from cafes to parks to bugging pals across the street.

What would you tell your 18 year old self?
You are so wise. Remember these years and trust your judgement because your 25 year old self is currently honouring it.

How do you find a sense of calm in the midst of chaos?
I dance almost every day! My body absorbs chaos so easily and dancing to exhaustion is an easy way to shake a bit of it off.

If you could be anything else in life what would you be?
I studied Anatomy/Physiology in university and had a real knack for it. My left brain is always aching to be a doctor or an anatomist or a sports rehab therapist. Maybe in another life.

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'Emergency Playlist for the Days
I Don’t Want to Wheel-Throw But I Need To'
Treasure Sounds Playlist Vol 9 | by Tamara Solem



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