Alternative Spring Break Options

In about a month, thousands of college students will be flocking towards warmer climates like Miami and Cancun to participate in the phenomenon known as Spring Break. Many groups of friends start planning their next spring break as soon as they come back from one! Whether 8 of you pile up in one hotel room or you’re luck enough to shell out for a luxurious condo overlooking South Beach, Spring Break is usually a college student’s dream.

Believe it or not, not everyone wants to drive to the nearest beach during their week long break from school. Many students are now using the week as an opportunity to give back to their community. Whether they volunteer close to home or venture on an international trip to serve. This is known as an ‘alternative’ spring break and below we provide you with a short list of programs that provide this wonderful opportunity for students.

Photo: Visions Service Adventures


1. Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad organizes for volunteers to work together in a service group in a variety of countries such as Morocco, Argentina, Fiji or Jamaica. If none of the Alternative Spring Break options fit in with your schedule, they also give you the opportunity to create your own. Not only for college students, this program allows high school students to participate during their own spring break as well. Tune into one of their webinars to learn more about the program.


According to their site, programs "offer students a chance to get real world experience, explore career options and build a resume while making a true difference in the lives of the people and communities." This program allows you to travel to Jamaica and volunteer in an orphanage, teach or work in construction. Sign up individually or sign up as a group. Either way, this is a great experience you won't forget anytime soon.

3. Break A DIfference

Break A Difference partners with United Way, Boys & Girls Club and other local non-profits to provide a meaningful service project for young adults and students in the United States. You can participate in this program during various weeks in March. The program provides everything from transportation to housing, making it very cost effective for participants.

There are many, many, more programs that offer alternative spring break options to students and young adults. Do your research and pick the right one that fits you. Experience a new culture, serve a community and broaden your horizon this spring break!


* The photo in this post is from Vision Services Adventure. They don't provide Spring Break options but have great programs for the Summer in countries like Cambodia and Peru.


Tell us, have you considered volunteering during Spring Break before?

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