Moving Abroad: How To Adapt

So we’ve discussed reasons you should take the plunge and move abroad. But now that you’ve moved, how do you adapt to your new home country? In today’s post, we explore how to adapt to living life in a new country. 

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Have an Open Mind: This new country is not going to be like home. You’re going to make yourself miserable if you continually compare the differences between both countries. Yeah, we know the food tastes weird and you just can’t seem to understand why when children in Greece lose their teeth, they throw them on the roof. All countries are different and have their own set of customs and beliefs. Embrace them and be appreciative of the differences!


Find A Small Group: While it is encouraged to be open to the new things you'll experience, sometimes you just want to spend time with people that are from back home. Finding a small group to hang out with, maybe once a week, is a great way to experience a piece of home and some comfort. You can find groups via Facebook or through sites such as 


Technology to the Rescue: We can all agree that some apps just make life easier. So it’s no wonder that there are apps out there that can make moving abroad easier as well. From apps that help you locate the nearest public bathroom to apps that can assist you during international emergencies. Check out this Mashable article for more useful apps to download before you move. 

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Always be Prepared: You’ll adjust better to your new home when you have an idea of what to expect. Practice the language, research cultural dos and donts, figure out how people dress, etc. When you eventually make the move you'll be grateful that you’re not totally clueless.


Get involved: The best way to acclimate to a new place is to get involved. Join a local church or find an organization to do community service with. Not only is this a great way to make friends, but you’ll also establish a routine that'll keep you from being idle and lonely. Along the way, you'll learn more about the country and feel more at ease when interacting with the locals.


We hope these tips help you adjust to living abroad!


Tell us, have you recently moved to a new country or city? How did you adjust?

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