Revamp Your Beauty Space

Having a cluttered beauty space can make getting ready a daunting task. Spending 10 minutes looking through drawers and cabinets for that small tube of concealer is annoying and makes you late for work. Having a clean space for all your beauty products goes a long way. Adding some personal style can also liven up the space. Here are some ideas on how you can revamp your beauty space!


Photo: Laura D'Alessandro

Cleaning and Decluttering. Your beauty real estate may be limited to a few cabinets, drawers and countertops. In order to utilize the space effectively, a purge needs to occur. Go through all of your makeup, beauty products and tools. Take notes of which items are actually used, and which items only collect dust. While doing this you may discover duplicates, things you’ve lost and things you just don’t need cluttering up your valuable space. Don’t forget to replace any makeup that has either dried out or expired as well.

Photo: Maria Morri

Getting Organized/ Setting Up. How do you like to set up your beauty products? Some people like to set up their beauty space by category i.e. lips, eyes and face. Separating products and tools by category is an easy way to keep track of all your items. Or you may set up products and tools by frequency of use. Determining how often a product is used can help with deciding where it needs to be placed. Items that are only used on special occasions can be put away in storage to save room; however, ‘everyday items’ should be placed in an open and easy-to-reach location. Another way to organize is by brand or color. Whatever you choose, make sure it something that’s easy to maintain.

Photo: Maria Morri

Photo: Maria Morri

Adding your personal flare. In order to make your beauty space feel like your beauty space, try adding some of your personal style. Do you like mirrors, or have an affinity for circles? Add some décor that caters to you to make the space different. Try using transparent organizers and containers so items are easy to spot. Whether it’s an elaborate DIY project to create more room, or simply adding a statement mirror to the wall, adding a bit of style will enhance the feel of your beauty space, and make it your own.


Tell us, how do you like to organize your makeup?

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