Visit: San Antonio Texas

San Antonio, Texas is a beautiful, modern city that boasts a rich history. Both Spanish and Latin American cultures have heavily influenced the city. It is definitely worth a visit, and it’s totally affordable. Below we will explore some of San Antonio’s must see “hot spots”.

1. River Walk, also known as Paseo de Rio. Take a stroll along the amazing stretch of restaurants, cafes and colorful umbrellas. There are several street performers and mariachi bands to make your visit enjoyable. You can take in all of the sites, sounds and even tastes right on the riverbank. Want to experience the river differently? There are boat tours that you can take as well.

Photo: Ed Schipul 

2. Remember the Alamo! San Antonio is home to the Alamo. The Alamo pays tribute to the Texans who fought for their independence during a 13-day siege in 1836. Today the Alamo contains artifacts that belonged to Davy Crockett and James Bowie.

Photo: Rennett Stowe

3. San Antonio Museum of Art. This museum has the largest collection of Asian art in all of Texas. It also has a large collection of Native American, Spanish colonial and Latin American art. The museum’s collection has 5000 years of history and culture represented.

4. San Fernando Cathedral. Visit the oldest cathedral in the United States. Colonists from the Canary Islands built it in 1738. Located in Downtown San Antonio, it sits across the street from the Spanish Governor’s Palace. It is believed that many heroes from the Alamo are buried here in an unmarked tomb.

Photo: Nan Palmero

5. Brackenridge Park. A large park north of Downtown San Antonio with stone bridges, nice walkways and plenty of eating spots. The park is home to the Japanese Tea Gardens. You can watch koi swim in the ponds and stroll through an Asian themed garden. The park is also home to the San Antonio Botanical Gardens. You can take a relaxing stroll, while viewing the many plants of Texas.


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