Asparagus The Superfood

Continuing on with our superfood discoveries, today we explore asparagus. Asparagus should be included in a healthy diet since it has many benefits, and it is a great compliment to many dishes.

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So what can asparagus do for you?

Asparagus is a great source of nutrients. It’s packed with fiber, folate, antioxidants and several vitamins. It is a good source for vitamin K, which is important for strong bones and blood clotting. The antioxidants in asparagus neutralize free radicals. This can slow down the aging process.

The folate found in asparagus has a number of health benefits. Folate helps to reduce the risk of heart disease. It also reduces joint pain and inflammation. Getting enough folate is very important for pregnant women as well. Folate helps to prevent birth defects and premature births.

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Asparagus acts as a detoxifier. The high levels of amino acids rid the body of excess salt. It is also a natural diuretic that is beneficial for those with high blood pressure. It also supports the good bacteria in your digestive system.

Have a hangover? Asparagus can aid your liver cells in decreasing toxicity and metabolizing the alcohol. This will help cure your hangover a bit faster.

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Still not convinced? How about trying asparagus because it is a delicious and low-calorie food. Asparagus only has about 27 calories per cup. Use it as veggie compliment to your favorite meal. Not sure how to incorporate it into your diet? Try one of these amazing recipes

Tell us, what is your favorite way to eat asparagus?

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