Consistent with ANDREA IYAMAH's DNA of celebrating culture and nature, ANDREA IYAMAH Spring Summer 2020 explores the "Change of Form" specifically drawing inspiration from the colours, mannerism, and metamorphosis of the butterfly. Often found fluttering in gardens and blissful surroundings, the early state of the butterfly is pensive, waiting, feeding and nurturing, expecting change and embracing blossom. 

This is the woman of A.I 2020 she is expectant, youthful, energetic and once she accepts her new form she does so in confidence, youthfulness, freedom, and grace. Reinforcing originality consistent with Andrea Iyamah, the print of SS20 fabrics were developed from motifs of various butterfly species intentionally placed to emphasize the female figure. 

"...SS20 had to be bold, figure flattering, retro yet contemporary, unafraid of piercing colours that adorn pieces with effortless movement, while keeping the right amount of structure. It had to be A.I, it had to be original" Andrea Iyamah, Creative Director.