Women’s History Month: Celebrating Female Creativity!

CELEBRATING FEMALE CREATIVITY ✨ This Women’s History Month we’ve been highlighting female artists all over the world and featuring their art over on our Instagram @andreaiyamah! We’ve discovered some stunning new female empowered artists of our own and have put together this list of everyone we’ve featured and more. Each artist works to a high level of skill and creativity within their medium, ranging from photography, paint, graphic art and more. Keep reading to discover your new favourite artists!

 1. My Doodles Daily

 Graphic designer and digital illustrator based in Stockholm, with focus on the female form and relation to nature. 

 2. Phung Banh

 Vietnamese born graphic designer and illustrator based in Dallas, her work focuses on women from different cultural backgrounds and celebrating their unique forms.

 3. Suzanne Saroff

 Photographer and painter based in New York, her work primarily depicts floral and fruit based arrangements, often using water or mirrors to abstract the form.

4. Sarah Dahir

 South African based graphic artist whose work focuses on female friendship and connections.

5. Tarn Ellis 

 A travelling freelance illustrator inspired by women, nature and self love.

6. Megan Gabrielle 

 A New York based painter, her work mainly includes a bright array of colours and an abstract style.

7. Sara Marlowe Hall

 A mixed media artist based in Los Angeles, her work nods towards cubism using plaster and paint to create her unique pieces.

8. Abreesha

 Abreesha is a California based painter with an abstract style of painting.

9. Reyna Noriega

 Reyna Noriega is a visual artist and author with her work focusing on female empowerment with a graphic style.

10. Alexis Eke

  Alexis Eke is a visual graphic artist who primarily works on portraits of women.

 11. Princella

 A Ghanaian born digital illustrator based in Moscow. 'Creating art that makes you feel empowered, capable and in charge'

 12. Laylie Frazier

 A Texas based illustrator who's work focuses on warm colours and textures.

 13. Maggie Stephenson

 A Polish and German illustrator with an abstract style of beach scenes.

 14. Maus Haus

 Visual artist and illustrator based in Brisbane/Meanjin, Australia with a focus on block colours and shapes.

 15. Rhi James

 UK artist based in Australia, her style is brightly coloured and vibrant with main subjects being European beach scenes.

We hope you’ve discovered some exciting new creatives to follow on their artistic journey, we can’t wait to see what these amazing artists do next. Let us know your favourite artist in the comments, we’d love to feature them in the future! Head to the Treasure Magazine for more A.I adventures...

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