A Story of Rhythm and Cultural Heritage: The Shekere


Hand finished to perfection, this genuine leather Kere slides from Resort 24, have been beaded into a hexagonal lacing that mimics the distinctive pattern of the Shekere. 

The shekere is a traditional percussion instrument with strings woven around a gourd, creating a mesmerizing sound that's the backbone of many Nigerian celebrations. The Kere slippers take their inspiration from this musical marvel, translating the handwork and artistry into a pair of sophisticated slippers. 
Handcrafted by artisans across Africa, the shekere is a symbol of joy and celebration. 

Inspiration was born with the intricate handwork of a shekere: the meticulous weaving of strings and the careful selection of materials. That same attention to detail is mirrored in the collection's slippers. The delicate strings and ropes adorning these shoes simulate the handcrafted beauty of a shekere, making each step a nod to the rich traditions that inspired their creation.
The shekere isn't just a musical instrument; it's a cultural symbol, infusing rhythm and spirit into every celebration. 

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