Born in Ghana but based in New York, Afro Child is the fourth creative invited to curate a playlist for AI's Treasure Sounds.
As a chameleonic artist, she creates paintings that are strongly tied to her culture, where Ghanaian symbolism, acrylic and a contemporary approach depict her inner thoughts, past mental issues and personal discoveries. 

Her work is a result of intuition and reflections of her unconscious mind, that can only be uncovered at the convergence of the mind and soul.
Continue reading the interview for more about her. 

Your name and the work you do? 
My name  is Chelsea, you can find me as Afro Child on all socials. I am an artist and creative entrepreneur.

What do you spend most of your Sunday doing?
Sundays are for loving yourself and others. My  Sundays always start with music and a face mask. I typically make calls to my family  and friends in Ghana to catch up. Afternoons are spent downtown with the girls, window shopping in design stores  or galleries.  Supper at 6 to give me enough time to  light  a candle and pour a  glass of wine as, I sip and plan for the week  ahead. The night ends  with  a  rom com or book.

A morning run, gym session or yoga?
Morning meditation,  a prayer and no phones for the first hour of the day.

What would you tell your 18 year old self?
Don’t lose your fire. Every creative idea you have is worth exploring. 

Baecation to Maldives or Girls trip to Mexico?
Baecation in Mexico :)

How do you find a sense of calm in the midst of chaos?
Disengage. Always spend less time on social media  to prevent myself from being overstimulated. I put my phone on DND and go back  to the source,  listening  to music or reading.

If you could be anything else in life what would you be?
An architect or a jeweller. I always wanted to be one of those professions.

What’s something the world could care a little more about?
I wish the world would stop caring about the opinion of others and invest in loving each other, being graceful  and lifting each other up.

What’s Your ideal Friday Night ritual?
I put my playlist on shuffle, make dinner and get ready for a night out.

Enjoy… 'GRWM'
Treasure Sounds Playlist Vol 4 | GRWM by Afro Child

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