Untitled 003 by Lulama Wolf - TREASURE SOUNDS VOL. VI

Launching our latest Treasure Sounds Playlist, created by South African Artist Lulama Wolf. Based in Johannesburg, Lulama is a millennial creative whose work is known for having different expression outlets, from photography to mixed-media digital collages. 

Lulama Wolf’s practice is formulated by lines that rise and fall smoothly to create lithe bodies in space; bending, contorting, carrying, standing, and moving.
Wolf’s depicted bodies indicate a world beyond themselves and signal towards broader themes and processes with influences from vernacular architecture and the intersection of contemporary African spirituality and contexts.

Her playlist, "Untitled 003" gathers a selection of light yet curious and intriguing melodies that relate very closely to her creative preferences and personality, guaranteed to transport you into her universe. 
Continue reading the full interview for more about her. 

Your name and the work you do?
Lulama Wolf, Im an artist. 

What do you spend most of your Sunday doing?
Eating  and connecting with loved ones.

A morning run, gym session or yoga?
Tell us about something in your life you’re most proud of?
My work. And the work I do for others

What would you tell your 18 year old self?
That time is of the essence, spend it wisely by being intentional.

Baecation to Maldives or Girls trip to Mexico?
Both- life is but a dream.

How do you find a sense of calm in the midst of chaos?
I listen to music and reconnect with WHY.

If you could be anything else in life what would you be?
The ocean.

What’s something the world could care a little more about?
Love. They could love a little more!

What’s Your ideal Friday Night ritual?
It depends on the groove, it suggests I need to eat around incredible company or  spend time alone.

If you had 10 minutes to pack to your dream Destination… Where are you going? 
I am going to ALL the Aman resorts.

Enjoy… 'Untitled 003'
Treasure Sounds Playlist Vol 6 | by Lulama Wolf

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