Benefits of Having an Intimate Wedding

Nowadays, more and more couples are choosing to have intimate weddings and celebrate with only their closest family and friends. Weddings don’t have to be huge and lavish for you to have fun and enjoy your day. Intimate weddings typically include 75 or fewer guests or to some people with larger families, an intimate wedding to them will be 100 or fewer guests.

Not sure why anyone would want an intimate wedding? We share some benefits below.

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Save Money

We all know that weddings can be very, very, very, expensive. Many couples get carried away with planning an extravagant wedding and then struggle afterwards with paying their bills or purchasing a new home. It is important to remember that a wedding is just one day and then it’s over. It is more important to invest in your new future with your partner.

Having a large number of guests makes you cut corners on other aspects of your wedding. You might want to give all your guests party favors or book a better band but have to use the money to cater for all your guests instead. Fewer guests means you don’t spend as much money on food or decorations (due to a smaller venue) and more.

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A smaller wedding does not mean that you cannot have the wedding of your dreams. An intimate wedding allows you to provide an experience for your guests. Want to have your wedding in the Caribbean and have your guests stay in a luxurious hotel? Why not? Or maybe you want all your guests to be picked up by a limo. Having a smaller wedding means that you can really go out on all the extra details.

Unique Venues

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Having fewer guests allows you to choose more unique venues. Think tying the knot in an art gallery or reciting your vows on a yacht with the wind in your hair. Almost every type of venue will be able to accommodate your guests when you keep it small.

 Quality Time

Many couples complain that they were not able to spend time with their friends and family on their big day. There are so many people that you don’t get to greet everyone and are constantly being surrounded by so much going on. An intimate wedding allows you to greet all of your guests individually and actually spend time talking and hanging out with your loved ones.

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Tell us, did you have an intimate wedding or have you been a guest at one?

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