5 Valuable Skills To Learn

As human beings, we should constantly aim to better ourselves and learn something new everyday. Not only does learning a new skill help you to grow as a person, but it also may help save a life or give you the opportunity to experience something new. We decided to round up some skills that we thought were worth learning below: 

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First Aid/CPR

Learning basic First Aid/CPR is one of the most important life skills you can learn. It can make all the difference between life and death. According to First Aid For Free, "About 150,000 people die each year in the United Kingdom from situations where first aid would have made a difference." Imagine the confidence you'll feel knowing that you can handle injuries, breathing emergencies, cardiac arrests and much more. You can also get your certification fairly quickly. The Canadian Red Cross offers 2-day courses.


Learning how to cook not only saves us from eating out frequently and spending money but also helps us to eat healthier. We're not saying you have to be the next Bobby Flay, but you'll thank yourself later if you know how to cook a few staple meals

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A New Language

Knowing how to say, caul es tu nombre or merci beaucoup is not enough. Commit to learning a new language by taking classes, finding a conversation partner and watching movies in the language. Not only will you feel great conversing fluently with a local but it also opens up more professional opportunities for you. You can pick a language that you are already interested in or one that is beneficial to the industry you work in.


This skill can make you more employable and save you money as well. Almost every business today needs to use Photoshop. Whether they're creating a flyer to advertise a sale or need to edit photos for their website. Coming into an interview knowing how to use Photoshop will always be a bonus to the employer. Knowing how to use this software also saves you money by keeping you from having to outsource the job to someone else. There are many free guides to help teach you.


We don't have to take too much time to convince you that being able to defend yourself is a valuable skill to possess. Knowing how to block a punch and kick properly may be all you need to save yourself from a dangerous situation. Check your local gym or karate center to see if they offer or can recommend any classes.


We hope you pick one of these skills to learn! Be sure to check back later this month for more of our suggestions on valuable skills to learn.

Tell us, what skill are you currently learning or plan to learn soon?

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