Guide to Gift Shopping

The holiday season is upon us! With Thanksgiving just around the corner, street lights and homes are already being decorated with Christmas trees and lights. But with the holidays approaching comes what a lot of people stress about the most- gift shopping.

Year after year, thousands of people wait right till the laaaast moment to begin their Christmas shopping. Maybe you’re one of those people or your friend is. They’re frantically writing lists trying to remember everyone they need to buy a present for, then they’re racing to the mall where they first fight for parking before they get on a crowded escalator and ask themselves why they do this to themselves every year. 

Don't be that person! Check out our tips below on how to make gift shopping easier on yourself this year.

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Make a list, check it twice:  Write down who you’re buying gifts for so you don’t get carried away at the store. Some people only get gifts for their immediate family while some extend the list to include co-workers. Find out what you’re comfortable with, write it down and stick to it!

Shop Year-Round: There is no rule saying that Christmas shopping has to happen at the end of the year. If it’s March and you see a great sweater on sale that you know your grandma would love, buy it! Now you can cross grandma off your list! 

Budget: Don’t go broke all in the name of buying gifts for the holidays. Set how much you are comfortable spending on each person and do your best to stick to it no matter what. In order to maintain your budget, you need to take advantage of special deals and offers that run throughout the year. This brings us to our next point...

Sales: Take advantage of the sales season. A lot of people even begin shopping for gifts the day after Christmas to take advantage of all the post holiday sales. Other times you can shop include around the 4th of July or on Black Friday (shameless plug). 

DIY: Not all presents have to be bought, some can be made. In most cases, the best presents are the ones we make ourselves. People will always appreciate the time and effort you took in making the gift. If you plan on giving a DIY gift as a present this Christmas, make sure you don't procrastinate! Plan and write out all the ingredients you need and then be realistic in figuring out how much time you would need to make the gift. A DIY gift is not something you want to rush and make the night before. It is very easy to tell when a handmade gift wasn't made with care and you don't want to present someone with a sloppy gift.

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We hope these tips helped! Tell us, what are your tips for gift shopping?



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