New Season: How To Stay Healthy

Fall is officially upon us! With the changing season, our bodies are more susceptible to catching colds and various sicknesses. The best way to avoid this is to lead a healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips on how to stay healthy as we head into fall and winter.

Give your immune system a boost. Make sure you are consuming plenty of vitamins and minerals. You can get these from supplements or by simply eating raw fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C is key! It keeps your body healthy and strong at any time of the year.

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Drink lots of water. Hydrating your body thoroughly gets rid of the toxins in your system. This will keep you healthy and well. Make sure to drink the recommended daily value of 8 eight-ounce glasses.

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Continue to exercise. When the cold weather arrives it can be very tempting to skip out on workouts and exercise opportunities. Try to avoid skipping exercise at all costs. Keeping your body active and in shape will help you feel great.

Get enough sleep. Make sure you have good sleeping patterns. Sleep well and sleep enough. The average adult should be getting 7-9 hours of sleep every night.

Handle stress adequately. Research has proven that stress can seriously affect your health. It is important that you learn how to manage stress and live a peaceful life.

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• Dress for the change. Going outside in summer clothing when it's cold makes you more susceptible to catching a bug. Make sure to layer your outfits appropriately. Temperatures can vary all throughout the day, with cold temps in the morning, hot temps in the afternoon and cold temps again at night. Be sure to plan accordingly.

Keep your skin hydrated. Be sure you protect your skin from dryness by staying moisturized.

Stay clean. The common cold can live on human skin for up to 2 hours. Make sure you take the time to wash and sanitize your hands as often as you can.

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Hopefully these tips will help you stay healthy and well this fall. Interested in keeping your mental health strong as well? Check out this article

Tell us, what do you do to stay healthy?

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