5 Places to Visit in Scotland

Scotland is a gorgeous European nation, part of the British Isles. It is filled with many amazing sights and attractions that appeal to a wide range of interests. From incredible bodies of water, to historical castles with years of history, Scotland boasts an amazing setting for a trip. Here are five places to visit if you’re ever in the “Land of the Scots”.

1. Dunnottar Castle
This picturesque castle sits on top of a breathtaking cliff right along the North Sea. The castle is in ruins but you can still explore various rooms, stables and storehouses, and even a chapel. This amazing castle has a rich history and has been said to hold many secrets of Scotland’s past. The views from the cliff alone are enough to make this experience one of a kind.

Photo: Neil Williamson


2. Balmoral Castle
Located in the Scottish Highlands is the beautiful Balmoral Castle. This incredible estate is located in Aberdeenshire, Scotland and has been a residence to members of the British Royal Family since the mid 1800s. While on tour here, you can visit all the gardens, see the wildlife and explore the largest room in the castle, the ballroom.  

Photo: Bert Kaufmann

3. Loch Ness
Loch Ness is a large, freshwater loch located in the Scottish Highlands. Loch Ness is best known for being home to the infamous “Loch Ness Monster”. You can visit the Loch Ness Centre and learn about the rich history of the Loch. You can also take a cruise on the Loch or visit the Urquhart Castle which sits on the edge of Loch Ness.

Photo: David Conner 

4. Edinburgh
Edinburgh is the bustling capital of Scotland and is filled with several activities and amazing attractions. In the mood for a trip to the beach? The city has several beach towns to choose from. Looking for more historic sites? Sitting on top of an extinct volcano, the Edinburgh Castle is home to some of the oldest and most important buildings in Scotland. You can also view Scotland’s crown jewels in Crown Square.

Photo: Giuseppe Milo 

5. Style Mile
Don’t leave Scotland without visiting Glasgow’s Style Mile. Right in the very center of Glasgow lies a square mile of a variety of shops, from high end fashion to bargain retailers, all there for your retail pleasure.

Photo: Ray Devlin

We’ve listed 5 incredible places to visit when in Scotland, however there are so many more places to see in this beautiful and historically rich country.


Have you ever been to Scotland? Tell us, where is your favorite place to visit? 

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