Andrea Iyamah Feature: Vaznylsaza in Zyta

Hi guys

So yesterday we had the beautiful KTRstyle in Riba from our Swimwear 2013 collection. We will be featuring some beautiful people in Andrea Iyamah swimsuits. If you want to be featured in one of our blogposts or on our Instagram page, do not forget to follow us on @aiscene and hashtag #andreaiyamah. 

Our feature today is......drumroll please.... Vaznylsaza (@cqvisaza) in the Zyta from our Swimwear 2014 collection. 

We love that Vaznylsaza is totally in love with the Zyta, she looked absolutely fabulous.


The top of the Zyta can also be worn as a Top, with a full skirt and an amazing pair of heels.  


 Have a fab day.


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Genesis Zorrilla
Genesis Zorrilla

July 15, 2014

Wow, this bathing suit is a beauty and Vazny just makes it look even more gorgeous!!! This unique style looks incredible and exotic…. Love the way she rock it!

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