Introducing Treasure Sounds Volume XI by Ceramic Artist: Joku

As we introduce our latest Treasure Sounds playlist, step into the enchanting world of Joku, a visionary contemporary artist whose creativity transcends traditional boundaries, manifesting not only in captivating ceramic masterpieces but also in a curated auditory experience through podcasting. 

The artist finds control in the surrender, staying attuned to the divine while remaining rooted in the human experience. Every curve, every texture, and every hue in the ceramic narrative holds a story – a message to humanity. Joku's art becomes a medium through which sensitivity, inspiration, and spiritual awareness intertwine. 

Continue reading the full interview and discover the latest Treasure Sounds playlist. 

Your name and the work you do?
My name is Owojoku Peace Ogbeche aka Joku. I am a multidisciplinary contemporary artist currently working with clay to bring my ideas to life.
My ceramic works expresses my absolute faith in God, my love for beauty, family and community. Allowing myself to let go completely, to live and just be, trusting God through the process, staying in control of my mind, staying in touch with my humanity(literarily) as a great form of therapy and being in my divine feminine energy.
Each piece has a story to tell. I consider it my message to humanity. Staying sensitive,
being inspired and spiritually aware of my environment at all times creates a profound
reason for each piece.

2. What inspires your work?
Daily life experiences, stories, music, objects, poems, shapes, movies, symbols and the Holy Bible.

3. How do you find a sense of calm in the midst of chaos?
I enjoy being alone most of the time. In the moments I am alone, I find time to think, meditate, pray and decide what to do next, what directions to take and ultimately to stay calm (still).
I am also blessed with family and friends that are content, truthful, supportive and positive.
I have come to understand that my life’s journey and experiences are uniquely mine, there is no rush, no competition, just waiting on my creator when I’m unsure. It saves me a ton of stress. I have also come to understand that I didn’t create the world, there is God’s plan, I can’t singlehandedly change it, I just make sure do my part... Music also helps.

4. What’s something the world could care a little more about?
I think we are moving too fast and we are leaving humanity behind. We need to stay sensitive, to look for the good in one another, we need to get involved and help one another when in need. We need to pay more attention to our loved ones because I believe it all starts from home. We need to practice mindfulness, to remember we are humans first before class, money or control. We need to stop allowing the media control our lives and we need to slow it all down once in a while!

5. If you had 10 minutes to pack to your dream Destination... Where are you
going and what are you packing?
I need not think too much. Andrea just please give me ten minutes to add to cart! (lol)
I will definitely take the Eros Escape Tote Bag (love me a tote bag) a swimwear of
course; the Mulan Bikini for sure, the Tibara Kaftan dress just to make sure I catch all the sunlight, the Alyma Kaftan Dress for the sunset, a Sarong, a Robe, a Maxi Dress, the Mari Jade Knit Dress (can’t forget that one!) a Jumpsuit, very comfortable Slippers, my Camera, my selfcare/skincare kit, jewelry and a scarf.
A dream...

Treasure Sounds Playlist Vol 11 | by Joku


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