How To Plan A Successful #GirlsTrip

Who doesn’t love a good girls trip? Traveling to a new and exciting destination with a couple of your friends is basically guaranteed to be a great time. While we can agree that going on a trip with your girls is fun, we can also agree that planning a girls trip, or any trip for that matter, is most definitely…not. We thought we should share some tips on how to make your girls trip successful without losing all your hair in the process.

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1. Plan Ahead

We don't need to tell you that any trip requires planning ahead of time. Yes, there are many trips that are last minute and end up being a lot of fun but when dealing with a group you need to plan ahead. Give your friends time to take off work or any other commitments they may have. Agree on a time frame that works for you all and - this is important - stick to it! You can't change the agreed upon dates when something comes up. It's life...something will always come up! If you keep changing the dates, you'll never go on your trip. Arrange your life around the trip and not the other way around. Planning ahead also helps you to save on flights and accommodation.


2. Work As a Team

In every group of friends, there is that one person who always seems to be the chief planner. They booked the hotel for your spring break in Miami and they are in charge of collecting money when you’re pooling funds for a joint gift. So naturally, when planning a trip this person will most likely take charge once again. If this is you, learn how to delegate some tasks so you don’t get overwhelmed. Need help deciding between some hotel options? Ask someone to help you. If you are not the planner in the group, be sure to ask to help with the planning and don’t forget to thank whoever it is planning the trip. Everyone likes to feel appreciated! Also, be willing to put in the effort. When the planner sets deadlines for payments or needs your opinion on a hotel, be quick with your response. No one wants to feel like they’re the only ones interested in going on the trip.


3. Respect the Budget

We don’t like to talk about money but it is a necessary and important conversation to have when planning a trip. Someone in the group may be used to staying in luxurious hotels but another may want to spend less on the hotel and more on activities. Be mindful that not everyone is in the same financial situation. Discuss what you are each comfortable spending and what your priorities are. Staying in a budget hotel makes sense if you plan to be out all the time doing activities or you may want to splurge on a resort and just relax by the pool. Discuss your budget limits and stick to it! Make sure that you're realistic on your budget based on the destination. Your budget for a place like Santorini will be higher than a budget for Cancun. 


4. It's All About Your Squad

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Have a friend that spends all her time complaining? You probably don’t want to go with her on a trip then. While it may be beneficial to have different personalities on the trip, be mindful of people that may be debbie downers on the trip or don’t get along with other people in the group. You want everyone to be comfortable and have a good time. If you’re inviting people that don’t know each other, consider planning a lunch for everyone to get acquainted before you take off. If they live in different states/countries, maybe start a group chat to get everyone connected with one another! 


5. Manage Expectations

Before you put together the itinerary, speak to everyone about what they look for in a trip and places they absolutely want to see. If your group is large, it may be expensive and hard to accommodate everyone’s wishes but you can get their top places on the list. Also, some people may just like to lie on the beach or by the pool while others want to shop or be more active. However, just because you are on a trip together doesn't mean you can't split up for some activities! If you're the only one interested in visiting a museum or you just need some alone time, then feel free to go ahead and break away from the group. Just be sure to let someone know where you'll be for safety reasons. It's a group trip but it's your vacation as well.


6. Set Deadlines

Set deadlines and make sure everyone understands that they have to stick to them. For example, if you need to pre-pay for any special activities or put a deposit down for a car/apartment rental, you need to set deadlines for everyone to pay you their share of the total amount. Give everyone the dates payments are expected ahead of time. This will also help everyone to plan accordingly and know how much they need to save. Everyone usually books their own flights but we all know that one person that is still looking ‘for the best deal’ with 4 days to go. Set a deadline that all flights must be booked by to save yourself the anxiety.


7. Relax and Enjoy Yourself

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Flights and hotels are booked and you’re all packed. Remember to enjoy yourself on this trip. Don’t spend every day of it worrying that people are not having a good time. There are highs and lows on every trip. Above all, take it all in and enjoy spending time creating lifetime memories with your loved ones. That's what really makes a trip a success.


We hope these tips have you well on your way to planning a successful #girlstrip. Tell us, do you have any advice on planning a trip?

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