Employee Spotlight: Meet TJ

We are very excited to reveal the wonderful people behind the Andrea Iyamah brand and show you how amazing our workforce is! Who better to highlight in the first ever Employee Spotlight on the blog than TJ, our Employee of the Month! Read on to learn more about TJ and what he does for the brand.


Name: Joseph Tunji Balogun
Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria
Role at Andrea Iyamah: Head of Customer Service 
How long have you worked for the brand?: A year & 8 months (almost 2 years) 
What is the best part of your job?: Putting smiles on clients' faces ☺
Fave thing to do when not at work? : Hang out with friends 
Favorite Ice Cream:  Butter Pecan 
Pick one thing you'll be okay eating for the rest of your life: POPCORN ❤
Basketball or Soccer: Basketball! 
Where are you jetting off to next?: Montreal, Quebec (The Vegas of Canada) 
Random fact about you? : I talk too much ?
Fave song ATM?:  FKA twigs 2 weeks / Kevin Gates I don't get tired / Omawumi - Hello Cover 
Greatest achievement so far: Being part of the Andrea Iyamah brand which has given me amazing opportunities such as doing this interview right now. 
Instagram or Twitter?: Insta, DUH!
Can you share some career advice?: Whatever opportunity you have, maximize it to its full potential. 
If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be and why?: Amacio Ortega. His accomplishments with the Inditex company continues to inspire me. He's also very low-key and avoids the press while achieving his goals. Other people I wouldn't mind stepping into their shoes are Mohammed Hadid (an architect who built the most expensive house in America), Harvey Levin (Founder & Editor, TMZ), Tom Ford (Designer/Filmmaker) & Dumebi Iyamah (At such as young age, she continues to inspire).
Thanks TJ!
Leave any questions you have for him in the comments below. Be on the lookout for our next employee spotlight!

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