Superfood: Lemon

Lemons have many, many different uses. From lightning age spots and soothing sore throats to stopping bleeding gums and acting as an insect repellant. With such a variety of uses, it’s no wonder that we consider lemons a superfood!

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Below, we go over some of the health benefits of lemons.


Health benefits

  • Lemons are rich in Vitamin C, which is great for fighting infections and boosting your immune system. They also help to neutralize free radicals (cancer causing agents) in the body
  • The citric acid in lemons help to prevent kidney stones, gallstones and calcium deposits in the body
  • The lemon cleanse is a natural alternative to cleaning out your colon and purging your body of toxins. Start your mornings with some lemon water and you’ll feel a difference! Check out some more benefits of drinking lemon water here 

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  • Your liver loves lemons! Lemons contain D-limonene which has been proven to activate enzymes in the liver that lead to detoxification. They also help with uric acid absorption and bile degradation.
  • According to the American Heart Association, the risk of stroke for women was lower for those that consumed a larger amount of citrus fruits
  • Need help fighting skin damage caused by the sun? Look no further than lemons. They also reduce wrinkles and help to tone your skin

Try out one of these recipes!

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Lemon Cream Pasta with Chicken


Tell us, how do you incorporate lemons into your daily diet?

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