Why You Should Complete A Summer Internship

Just because school is out for the summer doesn't mean that the #grind has to end. Yes, summertime is perfect for beach outings and barbecues but it's also a perfect time for...internships! Don't waste your three months of 'freedom' on Netflix. Get out there and start interning. It'll always, always pay you off in the end. Below, we share some benefits of completing a summer internship.

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Real World Perspective

Interning is a great way to apply your classroom knowledge in a real world setting. Many people will tell you after interning that it’s nothing like what they learned in class. Interning also gives you a chance to actually see what working in your potential future career would be like day to day. Many of us have an idealized version of what a job is like. For example, many students think that working in PR is all about parties and free stuff. However, when you intern at a PR firm you realize that you spend most of your time researching and writing. 


Boost Your Resume

It is getting nearly impossible to get a job after college without some sort of experience on your resume first. These days, just one internship is not enough. Many companies are advising that you have multiple internships under your belt before graduation. This shows a potential employer that you have experience working in a professional environment and have some knowledge on the industry. Interning often makes your transition into your first entry-level job easier for both you and your employer.


Do I Really Like This?

What better way to discover if an industry is right for you than by interning? Do you enjoy your day to day tasks or you find them excruciatingly boring and unfulfilling? Be careful not to let a bad experience at an internship dissuade you from the whole industry though because no two internships are alike. One social media internship may give you the opportunity to write copy and schedule posts and another one may only let you research copy ideas. Don’t let the latter dissuade you from a career in social media. Before you write off a field, try another internship or shadow opportunity.


Learn Something New

Even if you don't end up having the best experience at your internship, you’ll definitely pick up some valuable skills no matter how 'small' they may seem at first. Whether you learn how to create a budget using Excel, get comfortable sending company-wide emails or giving a presentation at the weekly department meeting. No skill that you pick up would be useless in the long run.



If anything, an internship is the perfect opportunity to build your contact list. Feel free to introduce yourself to people even if they’re not in the department you are interning in. Interning in the HR department but the marketing department seems more interesting? Ask someone in the marketing department to meet with you for coffee or lunch to learn more about their job. Always be sure to keep in touch with your supervisors/co-workers after your internship is completed. You never know when you might need a reference or need them to help you connect with someone.


We hope we've convinced you to complete a summer internship. Tell us, what is one thing that you have gained from an internship? 


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