10 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Day

Fact: Weddings can be very, very expensive. Lately, more and more people are finding it hard justifying the amount of money spent on weddings when there are so many expenses that come about as a result of joining two lives together such as purchasing a new home. Others prefer to spend more money on the honeymoon. Saving money on your wedding doesn't mean the quality will be diminished in any way. Below, we've shared 10 ways to save money on your special day.

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1. Consider getting married on a day other than Saturday. Fridays and Sundays are alternatives that will cost you less. Many vendors and venues will even ofter you discounts if you choose one of these days. A weekday that is followed by a holiday works perfectly as well.

2. Don't rush your wedding planning. Having a longer engagement period gives you time to research the best prices for vendors. Booking so far in advance will also get you the best deals or special promotions and offers.

3.  Get married during wedding off-season. Wedding season is typically from late spring to early fall with peak months being June and September. Consider getting married in January, March or November. February and December are popular because of Valentine's Day and Christmas.

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4. Pick a venue that doesn't require much decor. Places with a nice garden or an ornate cathedral save you from spending too much money on flowers and other decorative accents.

5. Ditch the real flowers. Most people can’t tell the difference anyway. You can get all sorts of artificial flowers that look like the real deal. Real flowers cost a LOT of money and get thrown out at the end of the day anyway.

6. How many times have you been to a wedding and never got to eat out of the wedding cake? Having a wedding cake is definitely traditional but have you stopped to think about if it's worth the money? Caterers even charge to cut, plate and serve the cake per slice! Couples these days opt for cutting a very small cake or cupcake instead. Guests prefer a dessert bar anyway. Make your dessert bar unique with things like milk and cookies or donuts!

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7. Having a live band is nice but a DJ can keep the party going just like a band and cost you a fraction of the price.

8. Cut the guest list. Don't feel pressured into inviting your co-workers if you don't have a relationship with them outside of the office. Haven't talked to that friend in a couple of years? Cut her off the list too. Cutting off even just 10 names from your guest list would make a difference. 

9. Stay away from venues that require you to use their exclusive vendors. They will most likely be more expensive than if you had brought your own vendors in.

10. Sit down dinners may be considered more 'fancy' but they require more servers and are therefore more expensive. Many people think that buffets are too casual so family-style is a great middle ground. All the food is set on the table and you can help yourself without having to get up. Passing plates around also serves as a great icebreaker and creates a warm and friendly atmosphere.

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We hope you try some of these tips to help you save big on your wedding day. However, there are some things we think you should never skimp on - hair and makeup, food, photographer/videographer and music.


Tell us, what are ways you or someone you know has saved money on their wedding day?



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